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Greetings, Welcome to Following Footprints.
     With hypnosis I use the power of your subconscious mind to give potential to your conscious mind. This positive potential can be focused for many great changes or enhancements to your talents.

"We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make our world..."
The Buddha

An Explanation of Hypnosis

   Many people are both sceptical and curious. Some believe in hypnosis but don't think they can be hypnotized. "Hypnos" is the Greek word for sleep. When in a hypnotic state, that is self induced, your mind is really in a heightened state of awareness. I am a guide who takes you to your higher mind, the sub conscious.

     Your sub conscious mind accounts for over ninety percent of your brain activity. When applied this brain activity is our greatest asset. A proficient practise in yoga, martial arts using an example of breaking boards or bricks with a hand, even walking across hot coals are examples of a mind body connection. Our personality, our ego, how we act and interact uses less than nine percent of our brain activity.
   A common false fear about hypnosis is your inner secrets and personal information can be compromised. You are in full control and will not answer any question you don't feel comfortable with. You also have the full control and the ability to rise yourself from your hypnotic state at any point in time.
     You will not reveal anything you don't want to, hypnosis is not a lie detector. You are in full control. It is not possible to become stuck in hypnosis. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You do all the work, the hypnotist is acting as your trusted guide.
     Stage hypnotists once fuelled the public to believe that a mystic influence was needed to practise hypnosis. With the help of the media it was a great way to market their act. Please understand that the volunteers of the audience in a normal state of mind have agreed to accept the suggestions of the hypnotist in order to entertain. So, once in the hypnotic state the volunteers are eager to please the hypnotist and the audience.

     The Medical Community- Dentists have been using hypnosis for pain control and numbing a specific area before tooth extraction.  Hypnosis has been applied to a patient before various surgeries in place of or in combination with anaesthesia. Hypnosis has been used for easier or painless child birth. Police Personnel have relied on hypnosis for stress reduction. Forensic Hypnosis is utilized by witnesses to help recall memories and important factual information for the court of law. Athletes have embraced their increased concentration and visualization of their goal with hypnotic suggestion. They learn to put their mind set at its very best no matter what the game is.

 Consulting Hypnosis 
     Consulting Hypnotists introduce their clients to a state of peaceful, placid relaxation. With both your consent and co operation, you learn that the state of hypnosis is really self induced and very enjoyable.       
    The sub conscious approves a positive action, chooses to follow and build on suggestions that help visualize the positive action. This enables your normal state to act on this positive action with more focus, desire, confidence and drive.

  A positive action is finding your ideal weight, smoking cessation, stress reduction, confidence building, ego strengthening,  sports enhancement,  play a musical instrument better and learning self hypnosis for inner peace of mind and balance.    
   There are many applications of hypnosis and all questions are welcomed and answered confidentially. What I do is personal and customized to each client making privacy very important, understood and honoured. 

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