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Past Life Regression
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Understanding Past Life Regression

Jim's Words


     Jim Wywrot, " I had my first session with Bill and I was worried I might be resistant to going into the hypnotic state but I was reassured by the energy that is Bill's presence. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and had a cathartic healing. This is Spiritual Warrior work and it is good to have a skilled and wise guide to navigate these ways."

Where Reincarnation and Science Converge

     Past Life memories may come to us in many guises: the "deja-vu" experience, recurrent dreams, either of a specific location or of a frightening event ; a crippling phobia or unexplained, groundless fear.
     People who fear water, public speaking or heights ( to name just a few common phobias) often uncover the memory of a death or drowning or hanging, or falling from a high place. As these past life traumas are explored and resolved in hypnosis, the clients phobias cease to exist.
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