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Tarot and Stones
     Our common deck of playing cards originated from the Tarot. Many decks of Tarot Cards have been modified, changed or revised over the nine hundred years we have been aware of them. The original decks consist of two divisions, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. 
     The Major Arcana is a path that leads to Universal Truth or atonement... at one ment. By learning through positive choices and abundance, pain and sorrow, the forgiveness and letting go or healing, that truth is understood. The Minor Arcana is composed of four groups. They are Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords. These are roughly interpreted as Grace, initiative and drive, choices and adversity.

      To try and explain Stone Casting I have compared it to a three dimensional map. It takes six points to find your mark, or point of interest. These points can not have true value without the point of focus or point of origin. With these seven points or stones I see strengths and values in six centres of emotions. I am seeing the worth put in a persons freedom, confidence, persistence and presence. I read a persons sense of love, their focus and the relationship the individual has with whatever they call a higher power.

      I am thankful that I have chosen to incorporate Stone Casting with my Tarot Readings. The one has very much complemented the other.
     The readings I do are strictly confidential and powerful. I talk in a manner in which I become very understood. I am blunt, to the point and very honest.

I have kept the comments of my clients in a book of testimonials. I am honoured and truly thankful for their words. Bound by law I must say Tarot and Stone Readings are for entertainment purposes. My prices are low.... I believe Tarot is for everybody.
Peace in your well  


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