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Pendulums, an Interpretation
     A pendulum is a simple tool which interacts with your subconscious mind. A hypnotist may choose to use a pendulum with a client to gauge their imaginative visualization skills. Simply put a hypnotist can gauge a clients ability to use their imagination and follow suggestions.
     This is known as the Chevreul's Pendulum Experiment. A client would be asked  to hold the chain of the pendulum comfortably between the thumb and pointer finger. The client is directed to keep their hand very still through out the experiment. I would than ask if they would imagine and see the pendulum move in their mind according to the direction I suggest. I ask them to encourage their desire to make it happen. "Just be patient and watch the process happen with an open mind." To their surprise the pendulum almost always moves.
     This activity is performed as follows. The experiment diagram is placed on a flat surface. The client is than asked to hold the chain so the weight of the pendulum is about an inch above the diagram in the middle of the circle. I than suggest to my participant, " Allow the pendulum to move from point A to point B." A moment of patience is generally required. If the participant is visual, or is good at using their imagination the pendulum responds. I than ask if they will allow the pendulum to move from the points C to D without stopping or starting over. If and when this is accomplished I encourage my participant to allow the pendulum to swing in a clock wise motion.This generally ends the experiment. This activity helps me to understand how a client or participant responds to suggestions through their subconscious mind.
    There doesn't have to be anything "special" about the pendulum itself. There is no certain string, cord, cable or chain. The weight at the end is not a certain "something". Literally a pendulum could consist of a string tied to a rock.
     Another use of a Pendulum is a consult for a yes or no answer from your subconscious mind. This is done by giving a value or meaning to to the direction of the pendulums swing. Perhaps a forward and back motion could mean a yes answer. A side to side swing of the pendulum could signify a no answer. You could allow a circular swing to mean that the question needs to be reformed or visualized better in your mind. The choice is completely your own just be assertive with the decision you make for each meaning.
     The trick is you need to form the question for a yes or no answer and visualize. Make your question alive in your imagination, give what you want to know creative power and detail. Let yourself feel the situation. Visualize what your asking.
     After the question is posed use patience and tolerance, relax. Do not will but allow the answer to transpire. The power you are using is of your own. A connection between your conscious self and your subconscious mind allows your pendulum to work. This is a simple introduction to a pendulum and its primary use.
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