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Finding an Understanding                                  

     We are of two parts, the carbon water based form that our bodies are made up of and the other is the Ego Personality and the Sub Conscious mind.
    Our bodies are only a temporary vehicle that houses our mind or consciousness or psyche, which is a Greek word for soul. So when your body dies, do you die?....
 Who or what are "you" really? 
     Metaphysics- The word was coined by the ancient Greeks, "meta" meaning "beyond or after" and "physic" meaning "physical."
     Webster's Dictionary - Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the origin and structure of the universe.     
     We as human beings will all realize that we are beings in a human body. We are much more than what our ego personality conveys to us. When we choose to look within, to notice and appreciate our subtle inner workings we take for granted, we feel our self awareness. We find a sense of inner peace. Concentrating and encouraging this awakening leads to a sense of our true selves.      

      When we explore philosophies of old Religion and Spirituality such as Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, Hindu, Shamanism and so many others we begin to understand through their practise of Holy teachings, meditation and concentrated prayer an inner power that leads to our greatest connection. 
    Our conscious mind becomes aware and focused on the subconscious mind that is dwelling on the super conscious mind. The goal is a universal connection, Enlightenment. For wisdom, the integration of the surface mind, moving toward Heaven or the Higher Spheres and a great awareness of the ages are only a few reasons to have a strong Faith. Perhaps thats what Faith is- a belief that leads to seeking a higher connection resulting in enlightenment or wisdom of some kind.    
       Please understand I am being broad, very universal to include many Religious and Spiritual paths. The intention of respect and validity to all Religions, Spiritual paths and Spiritual ways is being employed in my writing. I understand that many religions in our society will not accept what I am leading to next.
                            Past Life Regression            
     Past Life Regression is either or perhaps both, a metaphor of the mind, and for others a Spiritual Journey. Whatever you call God, whatever higher power you associate with will keep a protective watch over you. The inner path your guided on is guarded from negativity and fear. Sessions are facilitated with personal safety, a code of conduct and permission of all kinds. Plainly, with all my honesty, if you are not ready for this journey, you will not go. Your subconscious mind wont let you.    
       My personal experiences with Past Life Regression have been profound. The humble realization that we are all pieces of a great puzzle is the essence of selfless love and awareness. A complete Faith that we are all connected.
       Starting with age regression, Past life Regression is a meeting of the individual personality and the human soul. With a greater permission granted, the soul accepts the personality for exploration into their own linear past.   

       You will have an opportunity to see yourself, hear yourself and feel yourself as a different person. Through hypnosis and the overseeing loving protection of your soul and God, you will be shown a greater wisdom that is felt through your entire mind and body.     
     This experience will help grow your consciousness, rattle your awareness and perhaps bring you closer to personal enlightenment and or atonement. Past Life Regression is a fragment of greater understanding. Past Life Regression is forgiveness, a healing of the past and a closure of forgiving understanding done with solemn respect. It is a moving on with a retained sacred wisdom you bring back to apply in your everyday life.     
         A gift of higher knowledge to apply in your normal state of awareness is true wisdom. Perfection is an end state. We are all in a state of becoming. Between a death and a life there is Life Between Lives Journeying.
 Einstein's Theory of Relativity
           This theory has now since been accepted as a "Universal Truth."

     This theory states that light when slowed down condenses into matter and returns to light when it speeds up. Thus matter is only transformation of energy evolving from its source, which is light.
      Energy cannot be destroyed, but only transformed. Matter is governed by laws because of the polarity in its structure, but light has complete freedom. Relativity also applies to the energy within the nervous system, which is our soul, which condenses into a physical body at birth and returns to light at death.
  Life Between Lives Journeying    
     Through Past Life Regression and a granted permission, your inner or subconscious mind follows the path of your soul after a mortal death. On the direction toward the Higher Spheres, or Heaven, you encounter your Spirit Guides and Soul Group. At this time your own predetermined questions are answered. This is only the beginning of the journey.  
     A personal understanding of magnitude will be given to you after a period of chosen exploration. This is the goal of the journey. After giving suggestions to remember everything experienced you will be gradually awakened and given an opportunity to collect yourself and your thoughts. For many this experience is profound, life changing. For a very small number of people nothing happens at all, or they do not make it far. Nothing is guaranteed as we are all different and unique individuals. A free consultation is mandatory and any questions are encouraged and welcomed.  
Energy Releasement
     An attached entity is a soul or being which has not gone into the Light.

     Extensive contemporary clinical evidence suggests that discarnate beings, the spirits or energy systems of deceased humans, can influence people by  forming a physical or mental connection or attachment. These attachments impose detrimental physical or emotional conditions and symptoms. This condition is called "possession" or "spirit attachment" or "spirit obsession" or "entity attachment". 
     Some investigators in this field estimate that between 70% and 100% of the population are affected or influenced by one or more discarnate spirit entity at some time in their life.   (Dr. Edith Fiore).

     Earthbound entities remain exactly as they were moments before their deaths, as though they have been "freeze framed." They keep all previous attitudes, prejudices, addictions, skills, interests, fears and hang-ups.
     Energy Releasement makes a communication to the entity and bridges the entity to the Light. This releases earth bound entrapment, allowing the Spirit to move to the Higher Spheres or into the Light.    
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