Following Footprints - Positive change for bilding your own personal success
     We are the sum total of all our experiences. Good experiences and bad, they all affect you because they have become a part of you. Your morality, your own logic and personality, your consciousness dictates how you process and how you apply these experiences which are apart of your life. 
     I realized one day a long time ago what a self destructive path I was on. Change does not happen overnight. Up hill battles are never easy and only won by holding your ground.
      I acquired my high school diploma through adult education in my mid twenties. This reinforced my decisions to reach for and build a more productive way of life. I'm sure this made school easier the second time. I was always writing down my thoughts, a paragraph or page here and there which looking back held me together. Feeling alienated, I was almost walking the edge of sanity.
    There is no easy way to explain that as a child I was affected by paranormal and metaphysical circumstances. A subject of my life I learned to keep quiet at a young age due to ridicule, negative reactions and miss understood judgement. I eventually won back my personal power from a dark unseen adversary at the  age of eighteen. Although that battle is over non related paranormal experiences happen occasionally.
     I surrounded myself with prayer, finding Light and forgiveness. I've read countless books, articles and unbiased documentary productions. I found great respect for some Religious and Spiritual ways. Anything to do with the paranormal or metaphysics attracted me. With more understanding there is less fear. I had by this time helped a few people with paranormal events. I was seeking different claims to knowledge, healing and answers. I found many answers in Shamanisim.
 Through talking to a few mystics, intuitives, psychics and holy men, I no longer felt alone. I was told by one wise man in particular to learn Tarot Reading. After pursuing knowledge and applying an honest undertaking of Tarot I learned how to read stones, or stone casting.
      I let go of the control I only thought I had and my fears slowly disappeared. Tarot and Stones, for me, symbolized a certain right of passage. Only a few years after learning Tarot and Stones my path led me to the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. I achieved my stage one and stage two certification and took a few hypnosis workshops for added technique and confidence.
     I than embraced my goal of learning Metaphysical Hypnosis. I am certified to facilitate Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Journeying. There is another subject called Energy Release. This is where I found my genuine freedom, my healing and "letting go."
    In regard to learning Metaphysical Hypnosis the theory aspect was rather quick to grasp because of knowledge gathered in the past. For me the practical aspects of Metaphysical Hypnosis have been profound, life changing and full of inner growth, a Spiritual Growth. Everything hypnosis I have learned is from a "hands on" experience, for which I am truly grateful.
     My quest to understand the mysteries that once gave me so much fear and confusion, forever affecting my life is over. Through searching for my hidden answers I have found solid wisdom. Wisdom expressed as a way to balance inner workings of the mind and soul. I am a guide to your own.  My pursuit has allowed me to bring direction and understanding to fear and energy. Seek and you will find.
     We must thank the darkness for showing us into the Light.
peace in your well
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